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Product Name: Multifunctional electric bath brush
Product material: ABS + Silica gel
Product color: Blue
Charging time: About 1.5-3 hours
Rated power: 4W
Waterproof grade: IPX7
Product size: 36cmx8.0cmx4.0cm/14inx3inx1.5in
–Five kinds of brush head to exfoliate dead skin
–Sharpening brush head returns your delicate skin
–Good assistant for rubbing bath, effectively remove cutin / chicken skin and show beautiful back
–No dead corner, back cleaning, long handle design, solve the problem of not reaching the back, comprehensive cleaning without dead corner
–Exfoliate, deep clean skin, long-term use of effective exfoliation, reduce back acne growth

Package Includeds:
–1 x Multifunctional electric bath brush
–1 x Brush head of brush foot
–1 x Soft brush
–1 x Exfoliated brush head
–1 x Multi foam brushes
–1 x Brush head for washing face


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