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Description :

CHARMINER Multifunctional Silicone Durable Back Scrubber Skin-friendly Body Brush
Features :
– Full Coverage
Lengthen to 30.3 inches long and 3.54 inches wide. The longer silicone body scrubber is suitable for people with larger body types. The straps can reach the lower back more easily and they can dry easily.
– Silicone Body Brush
Made of food-grade silicone, it is soft, safe, foldable, exquisitely made, high-quality, and durable. The double-sided silicone shower brush is gentle and skin-friendly, not too rough, and easy to clean.
– Efficient Cleanning
Silicone bristles on one side are soft and comfortable to massage the back to exfoliate without damaging the skin, and the other side is soft to promote blood circulation and massage. Suitable for adults, children and the elderly. Suitable for sensitive skin, it can help you show radiant skin after every use and feel fresh and clean. It is very suitable for exfoliating, promoting blood circulation and massage.
– Durable
Even after multiple washing cycles, the rear scrubber can still meet your shower needs. The silicone brush is dry, which greatly reduces the survival of bacteria. The handle has good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be hung, and saves space.
Specifications :

Material Silicone
Color Blue, Cyan
Size 30.3×3.54in

Package Included :
2 x Back Scrubber

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